Toronto, Canada.

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Ujwal is an entrepreneur and cultural anthropologist with unique expertise in building highly profitable product-led B2B technology businesses. His core strength lies in understanding people and what makes them tick.

More about UJWAL

In 2015, Ujwal bootstrapped MotivBase, a disruptive consumer research technology company, and successfully exited the business in 2022 to Lux Research. His abilities as an anthropologist have helped him create businesses and solutions that resonate with buyers and operate efficiently to maximise value. In a world of well-funded startups that often struggle to break the profitability barrier, his playbook focuses on building and protecting early-stage companies from making the typical "Silicon Valley" mistakes, ensuring a solid foundation for sustainable growth. Today, he is the Executive Vice President at Lux Research, managing the FMCG practice. In addition to his role at Lux, he invests in and actively advises a handful of B2B tech startups across various industries, sharing insights and expertise to help them achieve their full potential.